Great Lakes – Great God

Downtown Minneapolis on May 1st – Late Spring Storm Creates Ghost Town

Just when I thought I was out of the cold & snow I arrived in Minneapolis just to get skunked; no preaching the one day I was there due to snow, wind & heavy rains. I put forth the college try to no avail. I parked at the transit station and took a bus downtown along with my amp. I was prepared to preach with or without it. When I got there it was like a ghost town. The streets were literally empty. I have included a picture and you may notice that down the street there is an enclosed walkway over the street that goes between buildings. Minneapolis has lots of these. I notice the people that were around were using these. I have been here once before in 2013 and these same streets were packed with people.

The next day I was able to preach in St Paul (Twin City to Minneapolis) and had a divine appointment with a young man named Bradley who was ignorant of salvation but listened as I shared the Gospel with him privately. He also took a Gospel. This was really a blessing after 6 orthodox priests in brown robes went by totally ignoring me.

I headed for Madison, Wisconsin where the whole town is dominated by Continue reading


The Great (Salt Lake) Commission

The Windy City

I know you are thinking Chicago but every day here has been hot and with strong winds. The most wind I have experienced out preaching. It was so bad; I only had my little green carpet with Bibles and other Gospel literature out one day. The next day the strong winds blew it all down the street. I had passerby’s help me pick it up. After that I only took a few Gospel’s because they fit in my pocket.

The Belly of the Beast

Well I have been here in the belly of the beast (Mormon Country) for a week and nothing extraordinary has happened. I don’t spend a lot of time railing on Joseph Smith or other Mormon distinctives. I preach the Gospel like I do anywhere else although with some adjustments. For example, I use the book and verse when quoting God’s Word. They do use the Bible here and are familiar with it so this was a nice feature. I also preach on the blood atonement of Christ sufficient for all sins. Mormons believe that the sin of murder Continue reading