The Bluest Skies…

The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle; a song by Perry Como. Growing up here in Seattle I always thought he obviously was not here most of the year. However in the summertime it is hard to be a nice day here in the Pacific Northwest. It has been absolutely beautiful, in the mid seventies and sunny everyday for the last couple of weeks. This makes the street preaching very easy not having to contend with the weather and the people are outside. I just spent a couple weeks here in the Seattle area. Some of my time was visiting friends and relatives, and in particular one friend of mine who has cancer. I was able to get out and preach several times in Seattle and in the city of Bellevue.

4th & Pine Street in Downtown Seattle – Summertime Crowds

Seattle 3rd & Pike

I was on the corner of 3rd & Pike. It was an interesting day. It was very difficult at first as people kept trying to interfere one way or another. The first man who came up that was friendly was Derek who took a large print Gospel and thanked me for being out there. He said it made his day. I had some interference by some people I would classify as demonized. Then an aid car and ambulance came and parked right by me to haul someone out of the Ross clothing store. Right after that the police arrested a woman (not sure why) right in front of me. I stopped preaching briefly then continued. Continue reading


San Diego – California’s Bible Belt

Downtown ~ Balboa Park ~ Broadway Pier ~ St Pat’s Parade ~ Colleges

I arrived in San Diego on March 3rd and have preached 13 days in a row. The Lord has really come through with everything I need for this trip including the strength to carry out the mission. Despite getting use to living out of the van and logistics, I have been able to prepare spiritually before going out everyday I’ve been here. This is accredited to our Lord, and you, the people behind the scenes praying. It has been a smooth path and I have been blessed in so many ways while here.

This was the second time we came out to San Diego State University and I was not too impressed. You could cut the pride with a  knife. However a younger woman who didn’t seem to be a student broke away from a crowd of people to come in front of me while I was preaching. She gazed down at the Bibles and other materials we had. She then approached Jerry and talked with him quite awhile as I continued to preach. Later Jerry told me she asked him what religion we were and revealed that she was Mormon. Jerry took her to Isaiah 43:10-11 “there is no other God before me or after me. Immediately she took her phone and looked up the scripture Continue reading