Florida – Finally Made It!

I finally made it to Florida. I got as far as Pensacola as you remember and then was averted because of hurricane Irma. I spent the next two weeks hitting cities more north. I left Claxton, Georgia after church on Sunday (9/24) and drove just past Jacksonville where I stayed at a Walmart for the night. I was here in Jacksonville last year for a week of preaching. Jacksonville is listed as the largest city in Florida. This is misleading however since they include the whole county and put it within the city limits. This makes the population around 800,000. The city itself is not that big and the preaching was something to be desired. I should have aborted my plans to stay a week last time and go further south. Regardless I made it this time to the three major cities of Florida, Miami still being the largest in reality.

Now I did not preach in Jacksonville this time. I also did not preach in St Petersburg and Fort Myers which was included in my original plans. There was still a threat of rain here because of the season for these storms so I high-tailed it down and covered the most important ones. It has been hard to sleep at night because of the heat and humidity. Some nights it never cooled down below 75 or so with 90% humidity. I usually didn’t get to sleep until after 1am but still arose around 7am to start my day. In Miami they have a lot of road construction going on which makes traveling worse. Also the further south I went I saw some of the damage done by hurricane Irma. I was entertaining the thought of stopping in Fort Lauderdale to preach but it turned out it rain quite heavily and besides I was on the fast track to Virginia.

Miami, Florida was the Furthest Place From Homebase – 3,130 Miles Away

Orlando – H2O

This turned out to be a great stop. I found a good populated corner and from what I could tell it was mostly local people. Most of the theme parks and tourism is a little south of the downtown area. After parking my van I had a few minutes to check out some corners and to get some postcards. When I came back to the van to get my gear Continue reading


Great Lakes – Great God

Downtown Minneapolis on May 1st – Late Spring Storm Creates Ghost Town

Just when I thought I was out of the cold & snow I arrived in Minneapolis just to get skunked; no preaching the one day I was there due to snow, wind & heavy rains. I put forth the college try to no avail. I parked at the transit station and took a bus downtown along with my amp. I was prepared to preach with or without it. When I got there it was like a ghost town. The streets were literally empty. I have included a picture and you may notice that down the street there is an enclosed walkway over the street that goes between buildings. Minneapolis has lots of these. I notice the people that were around were using these. I have been here once before in 2013 and these same streets were packed with people.

The next day I was able to preach in St Paul (Twin City to Minneapolis) and had a divine appointment with a young man named Bradley who was ignorant of salvation but listened as I shared the Gospel with him privately. He also took a Gospel. This was really a blessing after 6 orthodox priests in brown robes went by totally ignoring me.

I headed for Madison, Wisconsin where the whole town is dominated by Continue reading

High Plains Drifter

Dubbed the term from an old western I have been drifting around trying to avoid the snow (drifts). As I left Spokane, the first leg of my journey east took me through the state of Idaho and into Montana across the Rocky Mountains. This was a pleasant seven-hour drive as a I rolled into Bozeman, Montana where I stayed the night at the local Walmart. I awoke to snow coming down, although it wasn’t sticking on the ground, it was like a winter wonderland. Leaving there I made it to Billings which was the first of four cities I planned on preaching before reaching the Midwest. I had never been to the Dakotas before. Although it is late April it is still bitter cold here during the day and at night; the temperatures dropped into the low 20’s. I had to abort my original plan to go to Fargo and Detour about 300 miles out of my way to avoid an incoming snowstorm (and high winds) that ended up leaving 3” accumulations over the Fargo area. Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns. I made it to Minnesota where I will begin preaching in major cities in the area.

Fargo Snow

Residue of Late April Snow in Fargo, North Dakota

Billings, Montana

(110,000 population) Rain and wind threatened my outreach to Billings. But praise the Lord after prayer He opened up a window of opportunity during the noon hour. I was able to preach in the early afternoon free of any kind of inclement weather, although it was cold out. I handed out one Gospel to Timothy, a man who came over after hearing the preaching. Continue reading

Arizona January 2017

After leaving Southern California (Santa Monica) I drove to Phoenix, Arizona where I had intended to preach at several community colleges in the area. After prayer I decided to go with my “mainstay”, and that is preaching downtown. I preached on the corner of 1st & Washington where I have been at several times over the years. It has proved to be a good corner in the aspect of lots of people and people from different walks of life. Nothing spectacular happened the first day downtown.

Larry DuBois in Arizona

Me in Front of Cactus Plant – Tucson

Downtown Phoenix

The next day I tried a new corner a few blocks away (3rd & Washington) When I arrived, after getting a great parking spot about ten feet away from where I ended up preaching, I noticed an elderly man handing something out. I walked over and waited for him to get done conversing with another gentleman. Yep, sure enough he was handing out Gospel tracts. He has been doing that around Phoenix for the last 13 years. Unfortunately he had to go about the time I was setting up. I had a good day and was able to talk with several people including Patrick, a new believer.


Gospel of John

Wounded Soldier – Ran Over by Light Rail

The next day I was rained out and with the forecast for more of the same, I traveled down to Tucson a mere 120 miles away on Interstate 10. I got there early on a Thursday evening and staying at my friend Roy’s property, which is fully equipped with a bathroom, shower, and washer and dryer. It is a great place to camp out in the van. I was able to plug in which was nice because I could run my electric heater. The next day I went down to the abortion clinic where several Christians I know minister there. I met Brian who has been around Tucson awhile but our paths have not met until this day. He also has done some street preaching and knowing this I wanted to meet him. I invited him out with me for the following week but his work schedule prevented this from taking place. Continue reading

Uncharted Territory

Little Rock – Memphis – Birmingham – Atlanta – Jacksonville

Below are experiences in the cities I have never been to before. I had a great time overall and it went fast. Once I left Dallas I traveled to the next four cities; one per day. I would arrive the night before then preach and leave for the next city. These cities were anywhere from 2-4 hours apart so it made it doable. I stayed in Walmart’s and cleaned up at the Planet Fitness gyms. I was on the move and looking back it seems like a blur. Another thing to note is that, praise the Lord, I avoided very much inclement weather as I traveled. I had avoided many thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes. Each city had good weather the day I came and providentially bad after I left. Once again thank you so much for the prayers. I will post any pictures I took after I get back.

Little Rock

Pioneering my way past Texas this time around, I first stopped in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Clinton’s were not there to greet me, however, I found my way to a suitable corner. Continue reading