Great Lakes – Great God

Downtown Minneapolis on May 1st – Late Spring Storm Creates Ghost Town

Just when I thought I was out of the cold & snow I arrived in Minneapolis just to get skunked; no preaching the one day I was there due to snow, wind & heavy rains. I put forth the college try to no avail. I parked at the transit station and took a bus downtown along with my amp. I was prepared to preach with or without it. When I got there it was like a ghost town. The streets were literally empty. I have included a picture and you may notice that down the street there is an enclosed walkway over the street that goes between buildings. Minneapolis has lots of these. I notice the people that were around were using these. I have been here once before in 2013 and these same streets were packed with people.

The next day I was able to preach in St Paul (Twin City to Minneapolis) and had a divine appointment with a young man named Bradley who was ignorant of salvation but listened as I shared the Gospel with him privately. He also took a Gospel. This was really a blessing after 6 orthodox priests in brown robes went by totally ignoring me.

I headed for Madison, Wisconsin where the whole town is dominated by Continue reading


New England – Streets of Gold

One of the things I wasn’t prepared for was the massive toll roads here in New England. It seemed like every time I turned around I was paying 3 bucks and then another buck down the highway. When you get off you have to pay to get back on, so better plan your stops. In the Portland, Maine area alone I must have spent ten dollars just getting into the city and back out. Although the roads are nice, there not that nice. With that kind of money they are collecting the streets should be paved with gold. New England in many ways reminds me of growing up in the Pacific Northwest. It has a similar climate although we don’t get that much snow up in the Seattle area. Like Seattle it rained quite a bit and I was rained out in one city. There are similarly lots of trees and lots of coastline and everything that makes it feel like I am in Washington State. I had to use my heater several times here.

Famous for Autumn

Burlington, VT (43,000) & Manchester, NH (110,000) both of these cities were somewhat a disappointment. I probably would not purposely come here to preach in the future. I found a bigger crowd in Burlington on a Saturday as I set up nearby a public farmer’s market. One young man came by and took a Gospel and commented, “I’m with you”. Continue reading