Great Lakes – Great God

Downtown Minneapolis on May 1st – Late Spring Storm Creates Ghost Town

Just when I thought I was out of the cold & snow I arrived in Minneapolis just to get skunked; no preaching the one day I was there due to snow, wind & heavy rains. I put forth the college try to no avail. I parked at the transit station and took a bus downtown along with my amp. I was prepared to preach with or without it. When I got there it was like a ghost town. The streets were literally empty. I have included a picture and you may notice that down the street there is an enclosed walkway over the street that goes between buildings. Minneapolis has lots of these. I notice the people that were around were using these. I have been here once before in 2013 and these same streets were packed with people.

The next day I was able to preach in St Paul (Twin City to Minneapolis) and had a divine appointment with a young man named Bradley who was ignorant of salvation but listened as I shared the Gospel with him privately. He also took a Gospel. This was really a blessing after 6 orthodox priests in brown robes went by totally ignoring me.

I headed for Madison, Wisconsin where the whole town is dominated by Continue reading

Embarking on the Midwest

It has been about a month since posting my last blog. During this time I have been busy in a hodge podge of preaching in Northern California. I also spent time orchestrating things for my current trip to the Midwest. For example; a simple thing like renewing a driver’s license can turn into a significant hurdle to my travels. Timing is everything. This also pertains to doctor’s appointments, maintenance on the van, and other chores which require careful planning and favor from God. I did get my license in the mail a few days before I left the Bay Area. Praise the Lord! I will be turning 60 years old this month.

Currently I’m in Spokane, Washington where I am staying with an old friend and his family. I hope to do some preaching here before leaving to travel the upper region of the country. I will be going through Montana, North & South Dakota, before arriving in Minnesota. I plan to preach in about 25 cities. Approximately one third of these will be new cities I haven’t preached in before. The trip is officially underway and will last into June before returning back to California.

On the way here I stopped briefly in Portland to visit a fellow street preacher and some other friends as well. After that it was on to the Seattle area where I spent a week visiting a friend, Skip, who has stage-four cancer. Heavy rains prevented me from preaching in the Seattle area, however my time I spent with Skip was rewarding encouraging him in his faith in Christ. (you could pray for Skip).

Thanks for the prayers. I will keep posting travel reports from time to time. This is my second trip to Chicago and surrounding cities. I was there on a road trip in 2013.

Homeward Bound

I write this blog from Kingman, Arizona where I am headed toward the Bay Area and if all goes well I will arrive in time for church on Sunday afternoon. It has been a great trip to say the least and once I get back I will put a summary together and post that along with pictures.
After leaving Pittsburgh I preached in Columbus, Ohio, Lexington, Kentucky, Nashville & Memphis, Tennessee, Wichita, Kansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma. My last preaching stop was Oklahoma City.

Who’ll Stop the Rain?

God that’s who! In both Columbus and Lexington I barely escaped the rain, but the Lord was good and I was able to preach in both of those cities. After that it was on to Nashville another new city. I tried to preach downtown however I ended up going down to where the tourists go to the music area there were tons of people there and I preached for about an hour and half. Memphis I was able to go to even though it was a Saturday I went down to Beale Street where people come to another music venue; the blues. Wichita was a ghost town but it is the biggest city in Kansas and do not regret going. I had a lot of cars at the light who also heard. Oklahoma City was very strange. The people seemed more hardened than in SF. The highlight was in Tulsa.

Tulsa Time

I met a man named Robin and later a woman named Susan. Both were homeless and needy. They both stuck around while I preached. Robin had his Bible and was looking at it during the preaching. Susan who was laying down on the sidewalk to my right didn’t get up until I was done. I prayed for both of them individually. These seemed to be the only two interested in the Gospel today. I never noticed anyone who gave a sign or gesture indicating they were Christian or remotely approved of the preaching. Very strange town. It had enough people to preach but it was somewhat wierd. Perhaps because it was Halloween. Anyway the downtown area was quiet and I used the KC 110. I had no problem from police and did not see one for that matter. I did accomplish my mission. Robin who I couldn’t seem to shake (probably no friends) walked me to the van. I had a hard time understanding him but God gave me grace in this.

1 Down – 39 To Go

My Trip to preach in 40 cities officially started today. I was in Kansas City preaching the gospel on the corner of 13th and Main Street. It went very well and it was readily received for the most part. I did not have any negative comments. Although one man sat across from me on the sidewalk and mumbled loudly as to interfere somewhat but I kept preaching. I gave away several Gospels of John as per custom. I was in Kansas City and 2013 but didn’t preach on that trip. We were in a hurry to get to Oklahoma City to preach there so we bypassed Kansas City. But I got her done today.

Although I was in Los Angeles and San Diego for a bit of time and preach there, I didn’t really count my trip to start until once I got to Kansas City. It took me 4 days to get from San Diego to Kansas City including a stop in Tucson briefly. Thank you for all your prayers. Please pray that I would escape a lot of the inclement weather that has been plaguing this area over the last several months. I will continue in the Midwest for the next week or so. If you would like to see what other cities I plan on preaching in you may go to Travel Itinerary. I will continue to give periodic updates after completing each section of the country.

Los Angeles – Hill Country

New LA Hotel

New LA Hotel

When you think of hills in Southern California you often think of Hollywood Hills which is more of a neighborhood than hills you walk up. I have walked up some steep hills in my day both in Seattle and San Francisco. But I found that Los Angeles has some hefty hills to walk up in parts of downtown. I got of the Metro (light rail) and went mistakenly up a different exit which brought me half way up a huge hill. I continued up and working my way to my destination corner I looked straight up at this huge skyscraper. This was fairly close to the US Bank Tower which is the tallest building in LA. By coming this way I was able to minister to a homeless woman and her two young boys.

This time in Los Angeles was unique. I normally don’t come down this way in the summer months. I observed more people on the streets this time. You could have picked most any corner and had lots of people go by. Also they are always making movies in downtown so this draws attention from tourists. This time here every corner I went to was a new corner for me. Below are the highlights: Continue reading