Gone to Carolina

Since my last blog post I have covered a lot of ground. Most of my preaching has been in the Carolinas (North and South). After leaving Pensacola I headed north to Montgomery, Alabama where I preached a solid hour as it threatened to rain. Not too many people on the street but it was announced. I felt I gave a good message that day. After that it was onto two cities in Georgia; Columbus and Augusta. Both of these cities were not a street preachers dream but I got the job done. In Augusta they had the streets blocked off downtown for some reason and I had to go to an inferior corner. It was somewhat of a bust, but you never know.

South Carolina

In Columbia, South Carolina I went to a corner that was bustling with people. After about a half hour I was told by a city ambassador and police officer that I couldn’t preach using the amp. Both of them were rude. So much for Southern hospitality. I was miffed and figured I had nothing to lose. I was too tired and it was so hot and humid so preaching without the amp was not an option this day. I went back to the van and rigged one of my speakers up so that it broadcasted out the passenger window. I drove up and down the streets in downtown preaching out my window.

I had a better time at Myrtle Beach where I set up on a busy corner where the people walk by to see the attractions. This is kind of like Santa Cruz. There were plenty of people. The highlight was about halfway through. A man came up and sat down by me and eventually was laying down. He seemed to look homeless and not sure what he was up to. I kept preaching and a few of his buddies came by and I stopped preaching and shared with them. One of them took a Gospel. That was when Marshall, the man laying down revealed he was a believer and to keep up the preaching. That is what I did and when finished Marshall said he was so encouraged by the message and that is what he needed to hear. He must of mentioned this at least three times. I gave him some goodies and then I prayed for him. He also in returned prayed for me. As we parted ways I continued to pray for him.

Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina as Seen From Freeway

The next day was Sunday. I went to West Monroe Baptist Church. They were friendly enough. It was a large church, which most of the churches are here. It was a large brick building. Huge! This one had several out buildings as well. The service was good. The pastor preached a good message from 1 Cor 9 and did a good job. I met him briefly. I had an odd thing happen as I sat there and observed an older gal in front of me scrolling through a shopping website during the service. She was looking at shoes. Continue reading


Dallas – Summer Swelter

Downtown Dallas – From Airplane Leaving For Oakland

My first day preaching in Dallas was hot and humid. With temperatures in the upper nineties and humidity at nearly 70% I preached the Gospel on Elm & Ervay, a new corner I had not been to before. Although it was hot, this corner didn’t lack people going to and fro. I had a great time using my smallest of four amps that I brought on the plane this trip. I met Virgil, a young man who came up and asked me for prayer. He said he had a lot of confusion and this prevented his own praying to the Lord. I prayed and encouraged him before he left. I was in front of a hotel and the security came out and told me I couldn’t be on the sidewalk since it was their property. This has come up a number of times in the past in various cities. I told them that the sidewalk was public access as established in the courts over the years. They called the police when I wouldn’t leave. When the officer arrived he said that I was perfectly fine on the sidewalk and also fine with using the amp. He said he was going inside to set them straight – Praise the Lord!

I preached in Dallas three days and in Plano, Texas one day. I actually felt faint on one occasion. However I had a successful time here getting out the Gospel. I also was able to pray for several other people who approached me at different times; Lisa, a young gal who said she had backslidden with a relapse on Meth. I noticed she had terrible sores on her arms as she sat and listened to me preach for about ten minutes before I gave her individual attention. Another day a woman named Lynnette asked for prayers to rid her of demons and addictions. These people were very humble and seemed to be hungry for the Lord. Only one street person asked me for something to eat which I obliged him although his interest in the Lord was waning.

A big highlight for me was on Father’s Day both of my sons contacted me to wish me a happy Father’s Day. It was a real blessing to hear from my youngest son. He also had texted me some latest pictures of my grandson Dillon. Coincedently while here there was a Evangelism Conference I attended on a Saturday in the area. Jeremiah Cry hosted this event and another brother from my church, Timothy Oliver, attended giving a presentation of “First Love Publications” a ministry associated with our church. I had previously planned my trip before I knew of the conference. I was able not only to come, but was able to help Tim with our literature table we had giving away many free books on theology and other subjects.

This was my third trip to Dallas over the years. The Lord willing this fall, I will be taking another large trip in the van across the Southern United States. This will bring me through Texas once again. It’s a very large state with many large cities to preach the gospel in. Please continue to pray for the gospel to go out through my efforts: Thank you!

We’ve Got Your Back

Salt Lake City Police Talk to Man Across the Street

“You don’t have to leave we took care of him, besides I like the preaching”, the young man with tattoos responded. He looked just like any other guy you would see on the streets. I have seen a lot of undercover police officers in my day, but with this guy I would have never guessed he was working undercover. Here’s what happened: When preaching on Thursday in Salt Lake City I had encountered a very difficult person. He was somewhat crazy or perhaps demon possessed as he approached me and crying out at the top of his lungs, yelling blasphemies against God. As he left my presence and crossed the street a hurried young man came and stood in front of me and asked, “ what is with him?” I said, “I think he is demon possessed.” He responded by saying, “we will take care of it”. I just thought he was a passerby. He was texting and within about two minutes, another older man, showed up who was obviously a police detective. Continue reading

Upstate New York

Greetings everyone! I am writing this from Vermont I wanted to post this report on the last four major cities I’ve been in Upstate New York. This has been a busy week. I preached for the last six days in a row and two of those days included two cities per day. I will get a day of rest tomorrow. I plan on attending church here in the Burlington, Vermont area. Here is a list; Buffalo 260,000 ~ Rochester 210,000 ~ Syracuse 145,000 ~ Albany 98,000. Each of these cities had a lot of people with the exception of Syracuse, however; I did go to Syracuse at about three in the afternoon which could explain why I didn’t see the usual crowds. The other three cities were great; Buffalo being the best. Here are the highlights:

I met a man in Buffalo named Jack who was out there handing out tracts. He worked side-by-side with me until he had to leave. We exchanged contact info and said our goodbyes. Jack had been to this area before, right up on main street where the light rail runs.There were more people on the streets here than I had anticipated and many of them were very receptive. I gave away many Gospel of John’s and several people stopped and listened. Jack handed out a lot of tracts and prayed with several people as well. It was a great day! Considering it being subjective, and with lots of variables, I still would have to say that Buffalo has been the best city thus far .

In Rochester I set up on the corner where there were lots of people during the lunch rush. There was a woman who was recovering from drug addiction and in a program who stop and listen to me for about fifteen minutes. I gave away a few Gospel of John’s but the Highlight was right towards the end when I was ready to leave there was a police officer standing against the building. As I wondered what he wanted, he came over and said he had been listening. He is a Christian and he thought it was great that I was out there. He said he had a few complaints but said he wasn’t going to stop me because people needed to hear the gospel. What a great day and favor with God and the police.

Albany was great as well, lots of people moved across the street as I preach the gospel. There are all walks of life businessmen, street people, and everyday people of all different races. A woman came up and encouraged me very much and she is a Christian and wanted to stop in say keep going. As good as the city was, the highlight here was when I got my haircut at Planet Fitness. The man who cut my hair, Leon, is a homosexual and a devout Catholic. He said that even though the Catholics did not accept his lifestyle, he was still not going to budge, he is a Catholic and always will be one. He asked me what brought me through Albany and I told him I was a Street Preacher and we begin to have a great conversation. I was sharing the faith the best I could in the time allowed. He was asking me about preaching at gay pride parades and so on and so forth. Please pray for Leon – it may be that he’s not far from the kingdom.

I have a few other prayer requests. The van has been running great ,however, I’ve been having some difficulty keeping the air pressure in the tires since I got them balanced and rotated. It’s nothing huge but it’s kind of annoying. I’m taking it in again this afternoon to have them look at it. You can also praise the Lord, I’ve had great weather so far, only one rain-out, and favor with the police. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. God bless!

SD – Falling Apart at the Seams

I was going to entitle this post, “The Beasts of Ephesus”, a term the Apostle Paul used when describing part of his ministry; fighting the beasts of Ephesus. I didn’t think what I went through out on the streets of San Diego measured up to what Paul went through by any stretch of the imagination; however, it was quite a difficult, but exciting time here. Five years ago when I first came to this city to preach and evangelize I would have described it as the Bible belt of California. Presently the Christians here were not as prevalent or vocal in showing support as in years past. Furthermore, the homeless population has grown and the streets are filled with unruly and hateful people causing disturbances. I surmise they are either demon possessed, mentally ill, drug affected, or “all of the above”. I realize this is my subjective experience, in which I will share in detail in the paragraphs below.

Dancing in the Streets

My first day downtown at 5th Avenue and “C” Street I was aghast to see several people on the streets not in their right mind. There was a man on the corner barefoot. He really leaned out into traffic and I am not sure what he was doing. He was either yelling or trying to sing. He had a pair of earphones on. At the same time a woman came up next to him and took off her shoes and started this weird dance. She was moving quickly and going up to people and harassing them. She was being bizarre. Right then a transit security agent asked her to leave. She gave her some gruff but proceeded to walk away. About halfway across the street she sat some stuff down and then left it to go back to the garbage can and start throwing garbage onto the street. Meanwhile there was a third man who was doing some strange dancing and caught the attention of a merchant who made motions to indicate he thought the guy was crazy. The man walked by me and left. The woman now was walking in front of the light rail trains and staying on the tracts. About this time SDPD and other backup came. The woman was chased off. (I didn’t think to get a couple of pictures)

I stood across the street and prayed for about a half hour before preaching. I went across to my spot and set up my Gospels and proceeded to preach. The man who was barefoot and yelling continued for a time but then Continue reading