High Plains Drifter

Dubbed the term from an old western I have been drifting around trying to avoid the snow (drifts). As I left Spokane, the first leg of my journey east took me through the state of Idaho and into Montana across the Rocky Mountains. This was a pleasant seven-hour drive as a I rolled into Bozeman, Montana where I stayed the night at the local Walmart. I awoke to snow coming down, although it wasn’t sticking on the ground, it was like a winter wonderland. Leaving there I made it to Billings which was the first of four cities I planned on preaching before reaching the Midwest. I had never been to the Dakotas before. Although it is late April it is still bitter cold here during the day and at night; the temperatures dropped into the low 20’s. I had to abort my original plan to go to Fargo and Detour about 300 miles out of my way to avoid an incoming snowstorm (and high winds) that ended up leaving 3” accumulations over the Fargo area. Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns. I made it to Minnesota where I will begin preaching in major cities in the area.

Fargo Snow

Residue of Late April Snow in Fargo, North Dakota

Billings, Montana

(110,000 population) Rain and wind threatened my outreach to Billings. But praise the Lord after prayer He opened up a window of opportunity during the noon hour. I was able to preach in the early afternoon free of any kind of inclement weather, although it was cold out. I handed out one Gospel to Timothy, a man who came over after hearing the preaching. Continue reading


Portland – Material Witness

The first day of preaching I went to the riverside walk where they have a Saturday market and the usual “vanity fair” as the local street preachers named it. I did not give away any Bibles, Gospels, etc. This changed the following week as I gave away a tremendous amount of materials such as whole Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels of John, tracts, and some other books. The materials we hand out provide a great witness as well as the preaching.

Multiple Oneself

The biggest news of course is John Payne, a man who joined me on the streets this last week and a half. John came out initially to observe and hand out tracts and perhaps get into a conversation with someone. The first day out I asked him if he cared to take the microphone. Like expected he declined. The next day he told me he had some scriptures to share and wanted to preach. He took to it like a duck to water and preached the rest of our time out. Today (Tuesday) after we were done I went with him to the Guitar Center and helped him pick out an amp and mic. So now he is an outfitted street preacher. Praise the Lord this excites me so! Continue reading