The Bluest Skies…

The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle; a song by Perry Como. Growing up here in Seattle I always thought he obviously was not here most of the year. However in the summertime it is hard to be a nice day here in the Pacific Northwest. It has been absolutely beautiful, in the mid seventies and sunny everyday for the last couple of weeks. This makes the street preaching very easy not having to contend with the weather and the people are outside. I just spent a couple weeks here in the Seattle area. Some of my time was visiting friends and relatives, and in particular one friend of mine who has cancer. I was able to get out and preach several times in Seattle and in the city of Bellevue.

4th & Pine Street in Downtown Seattle – Summertime Crowds

Seattle 3rd & Pike

I was on the corner of 3rd & Pike. It was an interesting day. It was very difficult at first as people kept trying to interfere one way or another. The first man who came up that was friendly was Derek who took a large print Gospel and thanked me for being out there. He said it made his day. I had some interference by some people I would classify as demonized. Then an aid car and ambulance came and parked right by me to haul someone out of the Ross clothing store. Right after that the police arrested a woman (not sure why) right in front of me. I stopped preaching briefly then continued. Continue reading


Los Angeles – Hill Country

New LA Hotel

New LA Hotel

When you think of hills in Southern California you often think of Hollywood Hills which is more of a neighborhood than hills you walk up. I have walked up some steep hills in my day both in Seattle and San Francisco. But I found that Los Angeles has some hefty hills to walk up in parts of downtown. I got of the Metro (light rail) and went mistakenly up a different exit which brought me half way up a huge hill. I continued up and working my way to my destination corner I looked straight up at this huge skyscraper. This was fairly close to the US Bank Tower which is the tallest building in LA. By coming this way I was able to minister to a homeless woman and her two young boys.

This time in Los Angeles was unique. I normally don’t come down this way in the summer months. I observed more people on the streets this time. You could have picked most any corner and had lots of people go by. Also they are always making movies in downtown so this draws attention from tourists. This time here every corner I went to was a new corner for me. Below are the highlights: Continue reading

Uncharted Territory

Little Rock – Memphis – Birmingham – Atlanta – Jacksonville

Below are experiences in the cities I have never been to before. I had a great time overall and it went fast. Once I left Dallas I traveled to the next four cities; one per day. I would arrive the night before then preach and leave for the next city. These cities were anywhere from 2-4 hours apart so it made it doable. I stayed in Walmart’s and cleaned up at the Planet Fitness gyms. I was on the move and looking back it seems like a blur. Another thing to note is that, praise the Lord, I avoided very much inclement weather as I traveled. I had avoided many thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes. Each city had good weather the day I came and providentially bad after I left. Once again thank you so much for the prayers. I will post any pictures I took after I get back.

Little Rock

Pioneering my way past Texas this time around, I first stopped in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Clinton’s were not there to greet me, however, I found my way to a suitable corner. Continue reading

2016 – Leaning into the Year Ahead

Do not boast about tomorrow, For you do not know what a day may bring forth.
Pro 27:1

2016 Milestone

2016 will be a milestone for me. It will be ten years I have been street preaching on a regular basis; the last five years full time. God has been gracious and although I’ve always felt called to this type of ministry, I never dreamed the journey would be this grand. In 2006 I came to California from Washington State with the idea of evangelizing up and down the West Coast. I ended up staying in Oakland at SOS Ministries for about four years before moving to Sacramento for the next two years. During this time I started branching out and traveling to other cities. I was grounded for several months after my heart surgery in 2012. After that I went back to SOS for three years. My preaching trips increased and in 2013 I traveled further and more often than ever before. Since March 2015 I have been traveling perpetually throughout the United States. In all, the Lord has allowed me to preach in over 60 cities spanning about half the country so far.

Thumbnail Sketch

I always have a thumbnail sketch of what I’m doing a month or two down the road. I like to pray over the ministry and calendar as I step out in faith preaching the Gospel. I just heard a sermon on Nehemiah about prayer & planning. There are also many proverbs on planning. However as I post this blog I do not have a clear direction on where to go the first few months of this year. Continue reading