The Bluest Skies…

The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle; a song by Perry Como. Growing up here in Seattle I always thought he obviously was not here most of the year. However in the summertime it is hard to be a nice day here in the Pacific Northwest. It has been absolutely beautiful, in the mid seventies and sunny everyday for the last couple of weeks. This makes the street preaching very easy not having to contend with the weather and the people are outside. I just spent a couple weeks here in the Seattle area. Some of my time was visiting friends and relatives, and in particular one friend of mine who has cancer. I was able to get out and preach several times in Seattle and in the city of Bellevue.

4th & Pine Street in Downtown Seattle – Summertime Crowds

Seattle 3rd & Pike

I was on the corner of 3rd & Pike. It was an interesting day. It was very difficult at first as people kept trying to interfere one way or another. The first man who came up that was friendly was Derek who took a large print Gospel and thanked me for being out there. He said it made his day. I had some interference by some people I would classify as demonized. Then an aid car and ambulance came and parked right by me to haul someone out of the Ross clothing store. Right after that the police arrested a woman (not sure why) right in front of me. I stopped preaching briefly then continued. Continue reading


Head East Young Man

This segment of the trip was a bit challenging due to the populous on this stretch of the Eastern Seaboard. A good share of the country lives here, from New York down to Washington DC. DC Metropolitan area has 10 million people alone. Traffic was a big factor negotiating from one city to another, but also within the cities when I decided to drive downtown and park rather than use the public transportation. Starting with the Bronx all of these cities I had never been to before. Hallelujah, the Lord brought me through once again. Below is a summary of my experiences.

New York City

I was here in NYC five years ago for the first time. I had come for an intensive evangelism outreach that targeted Manhattan. This time I was in the Bronx. It seems New York has a pizza parlor and deli on every corner, but no parking places. Double parking and other navigation skills are required here to drive a car. It is worse than in LA. I had to laugh at myself because I saw all these signs that said no standing. I thought what? You mean a person can’t stand on the sidewalk here? Oh, maybe they mean they can’t stand in the street because they could get hit by a car. The sign actually was using that language to say no cars could stop and wait there for passengers or stop even briefly.

I spent the better part of two days here. I met up with Dan Losak from the Bay Area who is originally from here and takes a trip to NY every October. He introduced me to his friends here at Beacon Bible Church. The timing was not only great with Dan, but also it coincided with the church’s evangelism Saturday outreach, which we were a part of. We went down to some part of the Bronx and it was busy with people of course. I preached while the others handed out tracts and witnessed one-on-one. We had a great time. I was able to park my van in a backyard driveway near the church. Continue reading