Preaching Videos

San Diego – December Nights

December 2017 Preaching the Gospel in Balboa Park San Diego

Santa Monica, California

A brief video clip taken in Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade in August 2016

San Francisco, California

This is a collection of 3 video clips preaching in San Francisco. One clip is from 2007/08. The video quality is not the greatest but the message is!

Fisherman’s Wharf

I tried my new flip camera by setting it on the sound board at Fisherman’s Wharf. I took a 45 minute video. Here is a couple minute excerpt while I was preaching John 3:1-21

Portland – Skidmore Fountain

The last time I preached with brother James Lafayette. He was videotaping me preaching at the Skidmore Fountain in Portland, Oregon June 2013

Hollywood, California

Jeff Baran, Chris Yarzab, and Larry DuBois evangelize and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Hollywood right before Christmas.

Sharing Testimony Fremont, California

I was able to share a testimony at my church’s annual True Gospel Fest in Fremont, California. I posted this video since it came out fairly well. I didn’t stutter and the message flowed.

Sacramento State Capitol Outreach

On March 27th 2014 I obtained a free permit to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the north side of the California State Capitol Building. Although rain had be forecasted we preached for over two hours during the lunch hour and mid afternoon.


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