Dallas – Summer Swelter

Downtown Dallas – From Airplane Leaving For Oakland

My first day preaching in Dallas was hot and humid. With temperatures in the upper nineties and humidity at nearly 70% I preached the Gospel on Elm & Ervay, a new corner I had not been to before. Although it was hot, this corner didn’t lack people going to and fro. I had a great time using my smallest of four amps that I brought on the plane this trip. I met Virgil, a young man who came up and asked me for prayer. He said he had a lot of confusion and this prevented his own praying to the Lord. I prayed and encouraged him before he left. I was in front of a hotel and the security came out and told me I couldn’t be on the sidewalk since it was their property. This has come up a number of times in the past in various cities. I told them that the sidewalk was public access as established in the courts over the years. They called the police when I wouldn’t leave. When the officer arrived he said that I was perfectly fine on the sidewalk and also fine with using the amp. He said he was going inside to set them straight – Praise the Lord!

I preached in Dallas three days and in Plano, Texas one day. I actually felt faint on one occasion. However I had a successful time here getting out the Gospel. I also was able to pray for several other people who approached me at different times; Lisa, a young gal who said she had backslidden with a relapse on Meth. I noticed she had terrible sores on her arms as she sat and listened to me preach for about ten minutes before I gave her individual attention. Another day a woman named Lynnette asked for prayers to rid her of demons and addictions. These people were very humble and seemed to be hungry for the Lord. Only one street person asked me for something to eat which I obliged him although his interest in the Lord was waning.

A big highlight for me was on Father’s Day both of my sons contacted me to wish me a happy Father’s Day. It was a real blessing to hear from my youngest son. He also had texted me some latest pictures of my grandson Dillon. Coincedently while here there was a Evangelism Conference I attended on a Saturday in the area. Jeremiah Cry hosted this event and another brother from my church, Timothy Oliver, attended giving a presentation of “First Love Publications” a ministry associated with our church. I had previously planned my trip before I knew of the conference. I was able not only to come, but was able to help Tim with our literature table we had giving away many free books on theology and other subjects.

This was my third trip to Dallas over the years. The Lord willing this fall, I will be taking another large trip in the van across the Southern United States. This will bring me through Texas once again. It’s a very large state with many large cities to preach the gospel in. Please continue to pray for the gospel to go out through my efforts: Thank you!


South by Southwest

I left Oakland on April 6th headed on a two-month tour through the South. My first stop was brief in Los Angeles where I attended Southland Christian church for their mid-week service. Then off to Phoenix where I preached one day before heading to Tucson where I spent a full week. I am currently going city to city each day working my way to the Atlantic Coast. For this reason I have not had time to post the pictures and a video that goes with this evangelism update. I hope to do that as soon as I can. One good thing about going to a different city every day is that I can wear the same dress shirt (provided I don’t spill on it). So for now I have just a summary of events below. I want to thank those who have been praying for me and this trip and supporting the cause in many ways providing even more than I need. This is very important to pray for the cities.


In Tucson I stayed with my friend, Roy Spears, who is also a open-air preacher. He has some property that he has turned into an Oasis for traveling preachers. I stayed there and enjoyed his newest addition called the “Freedom Room” where there is a toilet, sink, washer & dryer, and an outdoor shower. Right before I got there Roy had a man who tried to kill him. He tried to run over him in with his car outside the abortion clinic. Roy was shaken up but ok. The man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Continue reading

Texas – Houston & Dallas

Currently I am in Amarillo, Texas on my way to Albuquerque. I preached in Houston for five days, Dallas four days, and in Fort Worth one day. In summery, these major cities are really no different than any other city I have preached in, including San Francisco. The overwhelming response is similar to what the response was in Jesus’ parable of the wedding feast found in Matthew 21. In verse 5 in response to the invitation it says, “But they made light of it and went their ways, one to his own farm, and another to his business. Generally speaking the crowds are indifferent and ignore the good news. Visibly they are aloof to the seriousness of their spiritual condition. Thank God for the small remnant. Continue reading