2016 – Leaning into the Year Ahead

Do not boast about tomorrow, For you do not know what a day may bring forth.
Pro 27:1

2016 Milestone

2016 will be a milestone for me. It will be ten years I have been street preaching on a regular basis; the last five years full time. God has been gracious and although I’ve always felt called to this type of ministry, I never dreamed the journey would be this grand. In 2006 I came to California from Washington State with the idea of evangelizing up and down the West Coast. I ended up staying in Oakland at SOS Ministries for about four years before moving to Sacramento for the next two years. During this time I started branching out and traveling to other cities. I was grounded for several months after my heart surgery in 2012. After that I went back to SOS for three years. My preaching trips increased and in 2013 I traveled further and more often than ever before. Since March 2015 I have been traveling perpetually throughout the United States. In all, the Lord has allowed me to preach in over 60 cities spanning about half the country so far.

Thumbnail Sketch

I always have a thumbnail sketch of what I’m doing a month or two down the road. I like to pray over the ministry and calendar as I step out in faith preaching the Gospel. I just heard a sermon on Nehemiah about prayer & planning. There are also many proverbs on planning. However as I post this blog I do not have a clear direction on where to go the first few months of this year. Continue reading


Journey Summery – Fall 2015

Leaving the Bay Area in late June I traveled up I-5 first to Portland and then Seattle. Alter that I headed east to Spokane and then a long drive to Denver. Because of some health issues and other trials I didn’t proceed to go further east as originally planned but went back to Portland and stayed there two weeks. During this time I was helpful to an up and coming street preacher; John Payne. I flew from Portland to Pittsburg to keep my commitment there and it was a marathon of evangelism along with prayer meetings, Bible study, and great fellowship. After returning to Portland I immediately headed back to Seattle for two weeks where I made up for the down time I had in August due to my back pain. Well, if you haven’t already you can read about each individual trip by looking at my previous posts. I want to thank everyone who supported the work and I am very grateful for the body of Christ.

Down the Coast

As I wrap up this leg of my year-long trip I thought it would be beneficial to travel back to the Bay Area via highway 101. After leaving Portland I drove to Lincoln City and then all the way down the coast and cut over at Clear Lake to go to Sacramento first. This slow travel allowed me to take time to reflect, pray, and be replenished in the Lord. When I got to Willits, California I met up with a few friends of mine who had an outreach planned for two days; one day in Willits and the next day in Lakeport. These are small towns which I am not used to but it was a great experience. Holding Continue reading

First U.S. Journey Summery – Spring 2015

As most of you know the last four months I have been on a traveling evangelism trip. This took place in the Southwestern portion of the United States starting and finishing in California. I was able to go through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. I traveled in my van that was donated to this ministry; God also providing everything else as well.

The trip started off in February 2015 with a trial run from Oakland down to Los Angeles where I preached for a little over two weeks before coming back and taking care of some things before venturing half way across the country. Besides preaching in the LA area I was also able to visit friends and evangelize with Southland Christian Church. In March I took off after being sent out by my church to San Diego. There I was able to connect with my friend Jerry Benson who is an evangelist also. Besides downtown we went to three different colleges. Then I headed for Arizona where I preached in two cities; Phoenix and Tucson. I also had friends there to stay with and to go out with evangelizing.

Once I left Arizona I was in uncharted territory. I went to El Paso, Texas and met a church and several brothers who like to preach on the streets and evangelize their community. At this juncture I went into Juarez, Mexico for a day and we handed out 500 tracts to the people there. After that I preached in five other major Texan cities.

I was introduced to an online Christian hospitality network and stayed with three different families. Once they found out I was traveling in order to do the Lord’s work they provided housing for my entire stay. This was a wonderful experience for me as well as them. Into Albuquerque I stayed at a retreat ran by Hosanna ministries then traveling north to Denver had the greatest time street preaching in a long time, maybe ever.

The Lord was good to me on this trip. The van ran excellent and I had no troubles during the trip. Returning to Sacramento by Memorial Day I had some health issues but everything turned out ok so I will be leaving again in late June. You can read about each city adventure on the previous blog postings.

To view Photos from my trip CLICK HERE!