Country Complete

It is mission accomplished – Hello everyone! As mentioned in a previous blog post I was going to report on two things. The first is a summary of my most recent trip I took through the Southeastern portion of the United States. The second report is a summary of the last 33 months traveling to every state in the Union, with the exception of Hawaii. (I did go to Alaska but on personal business) As you may be aware, I left in February 2015 in a van donated by a dear brother in Alameda. I returned back here to the Bay Area in the first week of November 2017. During the last 33 months although covering the whole country I was not in a perpetual state of travel. (Like Larry Stevens) I often tethered back here to Northern California to attend my home church, visit family, and to take care of domestic issues like going to the doctor.

I do not want to take it lightly concerning all the churches and individual people who have supported the furtherance of the Gospel through my lips during the last many years. I very much appreciate all of the monies and prayers that enabled me to carry out the will of God for my life in this itinerant street preaching ministry. I will continue to evangelize and serve the Lord.If I died today I would feel I have finished the race; I’ve completed what He wanted me to do. It did not come easy as it was through much discipline from God and miracle after miracle getting me to fulfill His will. All praise be to our great God and Savior Jesus Christ the Lord! I marvel at His work in me. It is truly a resurrection of a dead wasted life.

Henrietta, the Van

I wanted to mention a few things about the van. My van, a 2001 Ford E150 Club Wagon, went the distance with no breakdowns or issues, not even a dead battery or flat tire. I have both AAA and car insurance and praise the Lord I never had to use either. I never had any theft or vandalism even when traveling through some rough cities like St Louis and Detroit. I did have two close calls avoiding an accident. This last year the AC worked intermittently and finally gave out although this is a mild American hardship. Henrietta is the name the van had when I was given the keys. John & Janelle Pillitiere donated the van to me in January 2015. From that time she has been mine. Many times Henrietta thought she was a long-haul semi truck and I had to veer her back from the weigh station entrance. Another time when visiting a farm in Kentucky she wanted to be a chestnut mare. Continue reading


Midwest Spring 2017 Summary

I wanted to give a final report summarizing my recent trip to the Midwest and back. Although I spent some time in the Seattle area along with a few visits on the way, my preaching trip didn’t really start until I reached Spokane, Washington. I left there on April 24th and arrived back here in the Bay Area on May 30th. I traveled over 5,800 miles spanning 20 states. I preached in 27 cities of which 20 were brand new that I had never preached in before. Because of inclement weather, two cities I had planned to preach in were cancelled. They were Minneapolis & Omaha. However I was able to add seven cities to the itinerary, all being new cities. The top 3 cities based on my subjective experience and other criteria are: 1. Des Moines 2. Denver 3. Reno. The city that gets the dubious honor of the biggest bust was Davenport, Iowa. Paul tells us to judge nothing before the time. It was a great trip although as always the masses were indifferent and apathetic.

Blue States = Midwest Trip Spring 2017  ~  20 States  ~  Preached in 27 Cities

Personally I draw closer to the Lord on these trips. I have found that I prefer to go from town to town spending just one day preaching in each place. The weekends are often used to travel and bridge the gap between locations. I was able to attend church on Sunday every week wherever I was and also a few midweek prayer and fellowship meetings. As you may know by reading my early reports the weather was somewhat crazy and unpredictable but the Lord saw me through. The van continues to run great and the Lord has blessed the ministry providing everything needed for such an endeavor preaching the Gospel across the United States.


I want to thank once again everyone who prayed and helped in many other ways as well. For all of you it has been a great partnership. Eternity well reveal all the fruits of our labor in the Gospel. I am very excited. This summer will be traveling up to the Pacific Northwest and in California, preaching of course. This fall, in the will of God, I hope to travel once more through the south reaching the East Coast and by my return will have preached in all the lower 48.

We’ve Got Your Back

Salt Lake City Police Talk to Man Across the Street

“You don’t have to leave we took care of him, besides I like the preaching”, the young man with tattoos responded. He looked just like any other guy you would see on the streets. I have seen a lot of undercover police officers in my day, but with this guy I would have never guessed he was working undercover. Here’s what happened: When preaching on Thursday in Salt Lake City I had encountered a very difficult person. He was somewhat crazy or perhaps demon possessed as he approached me and crying out at the top of his lungs, yelling blasphemies against God. As he left my presence and crossed the street a hurried young man came and stood in front of me and asked, “ what is with him?” I said, “I think he is demon possessed.” He responded by saying, “we will take care of it”. I just thought he was a passerby. He was texting and within about two minutes, another older man, showed up who was obviously a police detective. Continue reading

Embarking on the Midwest

It has been about a month since posting my last blog. During this time I have been busy in a hodge podge of preaching in Northern California. I also spent time orchestrating things for my current trip to the Midwest. For example; a simple thing like renewing a driver’s license can turn into a significant hurdle to my travels. Timing is everything. This also pertains to doctor’s appointments, maintenance on the van, and other chores which require careful planning and favor from God. I did get my license in the mail a few days before I left the Bay Area. Praise the Lord! I will be turning 60 years old this month.

Currently I’m in Spokane, Washington where I am staying with an old friend and his family. I hope to do some preaching here before leaving to travel the upper region of the country. I will be going through Montana, North & South Dakota, before arriving in Minnesota. I plan to preach in about 25 cities. Approximately one third of these will be new cities I haven’t preached in before. The trip is officially underway and will last into June before returning back to California.

On the way here I stopped briefly in Portland to visit a fellow street preacher and some other friends as well. After that it was on to the Seattle area where I spent a week visiting a friend, Skip, who has stage-four cancer. Heavy rains prevented me from preaching in the Seattle area, however my time I spent with Skip was rewarding encouraging him in his faith in Christ. (you could pray for Skip).

Thanks for the prayers. I will keep posting travel reports from time to time. This is my second trip to Chicago and surrounding cities. I was there on a road trip in 2013.