Children’s Christmas

As this year draws to a close I am posting my last update for 2017. It has been a great year for preaching and evangelism. Below are two main reports of Christmas outreaches plus a few other cities in Southern California that I have recently been to. The first Christmas outreach was in San Diego (December Nights) in the part of December. The second Christmas report is from the most current trip down to Riverside’s Christmas Nights. Tucked in between these two major events was a nice time going Christmas caroling with a group of believers from Alameda Chapel. It was a swell time. This last weekend in SoCal proved to be the most preaching I have done since ending my trip across the country last November. Upon arriving I noticed lots of smoke over the area from the plane because of the fires here in Ventura County. They have been dealing with this issue for several weeks as the fires continue. Below are some videos and photos.

Children Gather to Hear God’s Word Being Preached in Riverside


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Country Complete

It is mission accomplished – Hello everyone! As mentioned in a previous blog post I was going to report on two things. The first is a summary of my most recent trip I took through the Southeastern portion of the United States. The second report is a summary of the last 33 months traveling to every state in the Union, with the exception of Hawaii. (I did go to Alaska but on personal business) As you may be aware, I left in February 2015 in a van donated by a dear brother in Alameda. I returned back here to the Bay Area in the first week of November 2017. During the last 33 months although covering the whole country I was not in a perpetual state of travel. (Like Larry Stevens) I often tethered back here to Northern California to attend my home church, visit family, and to take care of domestic issues like going to the doctor.

I do not want to take it lightly concerning all the churches and individual people who have supported the furtherance of the Gospel through my lips during the last many years. I very much appreciate all of the monies and prayers that enabled me to carry out the will of God for my life in this itinerant street preaching ministry. I will continue to evangelize and serve the Lord.If I died today I would feel I have finished the race; I’ve completed what He wanted me to do. It did not come easy as it was through much discipline from God and miracle after miracle getting me to fulfill His will. All praise be to our great God and Savior Jesus Christ the Lord! I marvel at His work in me. It is truly a resurrection of a dead wasted life.

Henrietta, the Van

I wanted to mention a few things about the van. My van, a 2001 Ford E150 Club Wagon, went the distance with no breakdowns or issues, not even a dead battery or flat tire. I have both AAA and car insurance and praise the Lord I never had to use either. I never had any theft or vandalism even when traveling through some rough cities like St Louis and Detroit. I did have two close calls avoiding an accident. This last year the AC worked intermittently and finally gave out although this is a mild American hardship. Henrietta is the name the van had when I was given the keys. John & Janelle Pillitiere donated the van to me in January 2015. From that time she has been mine. Many times Henrietta thought she was a long-haul semi truck and I had to veer her back from the weigh station entrance. Another time when visiting a farm in Kentucky she wanted to be a chestnut mare. Continue reading

Veteran’s Day Lesson

It is a rare time that I would post something different than a evangelism ministry update and report, however this is such a time. I learned something through Veteran’s Day this year. My son who is a Veteran happened to be in town where my niece lives and where I visit frequently – Citrus Heights, California. My association with the area goes back a number of years and when in town I attend Calvary Chapel of Roseville. Thus my son and his wife attended there with me this past Sunday. I had made arrangements ahead of time to introduce my son to the congregation and mention that he is a Vet since it was Veteran’s Day the previous day. Pastor Ken agreed and told me to remind him Sunday morning at church. When I reminded Pastor Ken he said OK but said something to me that got my attention. He said, “you know there are other Vets here today too.” I guess it might be awkward making a special introduction for my son without mentioning the others as well. I thought to myself, “there may be other Vets but they’re not my son”.

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This reminded me of how our heavenly Father feels about his son, Jesus Christ the Son of God. I wanted to honor my son and on a small scale had some insight into how important it is to honor the Son of God. I thought of many verses one being John 5:23 the later half of the verse, “He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent Him.” This renewed my zeal of preaching the Gospel. That is one way to honor the Son, thus honoring the Father. Great personal lesson for me. Well I did introduce my son and the other Continue reading

Traversing Texas

I had just left Kentucky after my last blog update. I went through more of the South before spending quite a bit of time in Texas. There were no hard knocks in Knoxville as I traveled south to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Here they have the most polite drivers around. I was also encouraged as I preached here. In Birmingham, Alabama I was received well. Many people came by and either touched me gently on the arm or back in their support and approval of the Gospel. After that it was a fast track to Texas across Mississippi and Louisiana. My only day scheduled in Houston was rained out. The alternate city of Beaumont was also.

I continued my travels to Cypress, Texas which is a Houston suburb. There I stayed with Paul and Sini whom I met several years ago through the Hospitality Network called “Candle in the Window”. This is the third year I have stayed with this young couple. They have a new addition to the family Hananel who is about 16 months. I spent the weekend with them; going to church and meeting some of their friends. I then moved on to College Station where I preached outside of Texas A&M. After that I headed to Austin and stayed with another family the Featherstons. It was good to see them although the time flew by. David & Sonya have two sons Graham and Luke. Graham was leaving on a road trip for a conference in North Carolina the day after I arrived. I stayed here 2 days preaching in Austin and then on to San Antonio to preach before arriving in El Paso.

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Old El Paso

I arrived in El Paso a day earlier than I had planned in order to spend a few days at a men’s retreat. These were guys I’ve known for a couple years that attend Old Paths Christian Church in El Paso. Before going to the men’s retreat I was able to preach in downtown El Paso. I then met up with Ivan Ramos and we went to Cloudcroft, New Mexico which is 10,000 feet on top of a mountain. I wasn’t prepared for the cold but it was a great time. I was reacquainted with Ivan, and also Frank Gonzales. Frank now does pretty much a full-time ministry in Juarez, Mexico. I also met for the first time a man named Ryan Denton, who previously I had corresponded with through the email. He is a fellow preacher and Continue reading

Almost Heaven West Virginia

Last state I needed to complete the lower forty-eight on my quest across America

Since the last report I have been through six cities in Virginia, including one day in our nation’s capitol. After that it was on to West Virginia where I completed the preaching in every state in the lower-forty eight. It has truly been an unbelievable accomplishment which started back in February 2015. Currently I am in Kentucky and have a few more stops before arriving, the Lord willing, in the Bay Area the first week in November. I will give a full report at that time.

Besides preaching on the streets I was able to give the main Sunday morning message at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Dale City, Virginia. At the evening service, after song and some announcements, I got up and shared my born-again testimony and then used that as a bridge on how I got into the ministry of preaching the gospel on the street with a Q & A afterwards.

I stayed with Tom Smith and his wife Margaret for 4 days while I was there. Tom is a First Love missionary along with myself. We met in Kentucky at our conference back in August. I also got to know others from the same church at that time. I had a grand time of fellowship with them all. I have shared more below. Virginia and West Virginia have spanned the first two weeks in October.

Charleston, WV

On the way there it threatened to rain the whole time. I prayed of course. Once I got here it was pretty decent out. I drove around a few blocks and got some metered parking for a buck fifty. I walked only one block down to Capitol & Lee streets. I started early about 11:30am and preached until about 1pm. It was great. This was the best overall city so far on my trip. I felt my message flowed and lots of people were listening. One young man in particular listened almost the whole time. Afterwards I tracked him down and gave him a Gospel of John and a homeless pack although he said he was not homeless. His name is Ryan. There were several other people stopping and listening. Several Christians made themselves known either as they walked or drove by. The police drove by at least once and I had no complaints. Also there was some sort of officer across the street patrolling the park on foot. Perhaps he was only a park ranger. Either case I had the freedom and favor of the Lord. It was an excellent day. As I packed up and headed for the van it started to rain slightly and heavier as I drove out of town. Charleston is the closest thing I have experienced to the “Bible Belt”.

Huntington, WV

Only about an hour drive away from Charleston it was like a different world here. This is more typical of an American city. The people seemed hardened as ever and quite liberal. It looked like there were several good corners with lots of places to eat and business around, however at first it was like a ghost town. Continue reading