Orange & Green

After my last blog report I remained in Los Angeles and did preaching downtown. I developed a cold with a sore throat and somewhat of a fever. This prevented me from going out on several of the days I had planned to. As per custom I stayed with my high school friend Dan Allen, a pastor at Southland Christian Church in Bell, California. I attended Dan’s after-school program and services at Southland.

Currently I’m still in Southern California working my way up the coast back to home base. First I will be in the San Francisco Bay Area and then the Sacramento area till the end of March before leaving on a long trip in April that will last through the first part of June. The Lord willing, I will be going through the Midwest as far as Chicago before returning to California. Thank you everyone who has been praying for me and my many mission trips. While in San Diego I went downtown once but mostly to colleges.

Orange County California

After preaching one day in Long Beach (this was a first) I headed south. I did something on this trip that was a little different. I meandered down through Orange County and preached in Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Irvine, California. These cities of course are not like the bigger ones, however there were plenty of people on the street to minister to. I was able to hand out a fair amount of gospels of John and some Bibles. I stayed 3 nights at the Calvary Chapel of Tustin parking lot after receiving permission. I attended a couple of their midweek meetings as well.

Jerry & Brianna (new worker) both witnessing to students at Grossmont College

In Irvine at the University of California Irvine, I must have talked to one young man named Darian for about 45 minutes. That was highlight of the day. The rest of the crowds for the most part seemed proud and indifferent. This is a rich area and a rich school. The student Darien had some questions about the Bible. He said he had been reading it all the way through. He is a self-proclaimed seeking atheist and it was an interesting discussion with him. He seemed to be open to God and I encouraged him to keep seeking the Lord. Continue reading

Southern Cal February 2017

At the beginning of February I was in the Bay Area and Sacramento. I preached several times in San Francisco. Also once in Berkeley & Oakland. I was hindered because of the constant rain we have been having here in California. This ends the worst drought in California history. It didn’t come without some flooding. I have had plenty of rest since the holidays and now embark on a long trip come April, the Lord willing.


Jacob preaches in downtown Los Angeles

Greater Los Angeles Area

Like last year a group from the Bay Area plus Bob Loeffert from Pittsburgh, PA came down for a week here in the Los Angeles area. We did a repeat this year. This year’s group: Bob Loeffert, Eric & Jill Baxter, Dani Beshwati, and Jacob from the SOS ministry house. They arrived a few days before I did. We ended up going to several differents spots including downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and North Hollywood. We attended Grace Community Church and went out with their evangelism team afterwards. Each day we had group devotions with nightly prayer and testimonies on what the Lord did that particular day.

I continued on here in LA as the group left for home. I am staying with high school friend; Dan Allen and his family in Monterey Park. I have been battling a cold and sore throat but continue to go out in downtown LA to various spots. Next week I leave for Orange County and then San Diego.

People Encounters

Some of the highlighted people I talked to that perhaps you could lift up in prayer are the following: A young man in San Francisco whose name I could not pronounce but I will refer to him as Eutychus. He came up to me and so I stopped preaching to answer his questions the best I could. I was able to minister to him for about 10 minutes before he left. He seemed to be seeking and his questions sincere. He may not be far from the Kingdom of God.

I saw Michael in Santa Monica while preaching. The other team members had already talked and prayed with him, however I wanted to talk to him since he was listening to my preaching for quite awhile. He told me he believed in Jesus but that he was always agitated and couldn’t not stay still. This was evident as he acted somewhat disturbed. Continue reading

Arizona January 2017

After leaving Southern California (Santa Monica) I drove to Phoenix, Arizona where I had intended to preach at several community colleges in the area. After prayer I decided to go with my “mainstay”, and that is preaching downtown. I preached on the corner of 1st & Washington where I have been at several times over the years. It has proved to be a good corner in the aspect of lots of people and people from different walks of life. Nothing spectacular happened the first day downtown.

Larry DuBois in Arizona

Me in Front of Cactus Plant – Tucson

Downtown Phoenix

The next day I tried a new corner a few blocks away (3rd & Washington) When I arrived, after getting a great parking spot about ten feet away from where I ended up preaching, I noticed an elderly man handing something out. I walked over and waited for him to get done conversing with another gentleman. Yep, sure enough he was handing out Gospel tracts. He has been doing that around Phoenix for the last 13 years. Unfortunately he had to go about the time I was setting up. I had a good day and was able to talk with several people including Patrick, a new believer.


Gospel of John

Wounded Soldier – Ran Over by Light Rail

The next day I was rained out and with the forecast for more of the same, I traveled down to Tucson a mere 120 miles away on Interstate 10. I got there early on a Thursday evening and staying at my friend Roy’s property, which is fully equipped with a bathroom, shower, and washer and dryer. It is a great place to camp out in the van. I was able to plug in which was nice because I could run my electric heater. The next day I went down to the abortion clinic where several Christians I know minister there. I met Brian who has been around Tucson awhile but our paths have not met until this day. He also has done some street preaching and knowing this I wanted to meet him. I invited him out with me for the following week but his work schedule prevented this from taking place. Continue reading

Winter Witness 2017

I appreciate all the prayers from everyone for the Gospel. Since the holidays I’ve been located in Nor-Cal, going between Sacramento and San Francisco; I did some preaching in both of these cities, as well as, Oakland. The day after Christmas Robert Payne and myself preached in Sacramento’s Old Town. It started off slow but there were many people who came through those streets doing the tourist thing I suppose. We’re able to take turns preaching and hand out many tracts. most of the people we talked to were homeless people.

Duane (left) & Ken downtown SF

Duane (left) & Ken downtown SF

One Saturday I met up with Duane, Ken Onaga, Andrew Conway and Robert Payne to preach in downtown San Francisco at the Metreon on 4th and Mission. This went very well and we had a good fellowship afterwards. Those guys continued to preach until the late afternoon while Robert and I went and visited SOS Ministries who were a few blocks away before returning to the BART station.

The Castro

castro-12The highlight of all my time here was going out to the Castro District in San Francisco with SOS Ministries on a Friday night. For those that don’t know, the Castro district is the mecca for the homosexual lifestyle. The Castro started to become notorious for this as far back as the late seventies. I have been out there several times in the past with SOS Ministries which go out about twice a year there. Typically we keep a low profile Continue reading

Year in Review 2016

Thank all of you for praying and being a great support in the Gospel during this last year. I felt it was a great productive year and my health has been great. Last winter was spent ministering around the Bay Area and then a trip to Southern California with Bob Loeffert & company. Height Asbury, Fisherman’s Wharf and downtown were some places we went to. Also Oakland and San Jose. In Southern California 6 six of us took the streets for a one-week evangelism marathon. Los Angeles is a large area but we managed to put a dent into the it. I took in three events; March for Life and the Chinese New Year parade both in San Francisco. The St Patrick’s Day parade in San Diego was also on the agenda.

The spring brought my first of two, major trips across the country. In late March I headed through Arizona and along the southern route of the United States until reaching Florida before returning to homebase in May. I spent a good while in Texas and saw many friends. I was able to hit many new cities on this trip as well. In late May as per custom I joined several others evangelizing at the Sacramento Jazz Festival during the four-day event over Memorial Day weekend.

A good share of the summer was spent in the Pacific Northwest. I usually try to stay north in the summer and south in the winter. This year was no different. First going to Spokane then I took in the Seattle area and on to Portland before returning to Sacramento in August to visit family as my son Matt came down for a week. I did some house sitting in San Diego the last two weeks of August and preached there everyday as well.

Around mid September I headed on my biggest road trip to date going across 23 states and preaching in over 40 cities. I put on 7,000 miles on the van during this several month trip that spanned New England and the Mid Atlantic states. I had lots of experiences and met a lot of new people. Returning here to homebase in early November I was able to preach around the area here, as well as, regroup. I am getting lots of rest and rejuvenation as I have been here in Norcal through Christmas. The Bay Area Rescue Mission, Ashby Care Center, and several homeless outreaches is something I like to do in my leisure time. I also took in a lot of doctor’s appointments and other domestic issues. You can always look up my prior blog reports to get the details.